The Ultimate Staycation Ideas

Money. That’s what the majority of a survey cited as the main factor that prevents them from traveling. To be more exact, 67 percent of them. That’s based on 800 American travelers over the age of 45. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend big on travel expenses when you relax and explore closer to home.
You may have heard the term “Staycation.” What is a staycation? It’s a relaxing getaway without venturing far from your own home. The key to a great staycation is finding what’s special about your local area, and seeing it with new eyes.
Ready to try it out for yourself? Here are some things to do on a vacation at home, and five example cities that make it easy to plan a stellar staycation.

1. Taos, New Mexico

Locals know the special magic that inspires every person who enters this small city. They also know that between their commute and creative pursuits, getting out can be tricky. That’s why Toas is such a great place to hit pause to make room for these artistic activities:
  • Join one of the Pueblo dances on an upcoming Feast Day.
  • Splurge on a culinary masterpiece in the Gardens at De la Tierra.

2. Columbus, Indiana

Hidden architectural gems by famous architects, whimsical street art, and great local eateries. This is Columbus, OH. Be sure to slow down and take in Columbus’ unique details:
  • Wander down The Avenue of Architects to admire the work of Eliel Saarinen, Gunnar Birkerts, Dessa Kirk, Kevin Roche, and more.
  • See if you can spot all the critters drawn throughout the city by street artist David Zinn.

3. Bend, Oregon

Tucked into the northern curve of the Deschutes National Forest, Bend sees its fair share of outdoor adventure seekers. You don’t have to be a visitor to take advantage of these staycation ideas:

  • Challenge yourself to an 8-mile loop around Sisters Mirror Lake, or take the scenic route at wheelchair-accessible Sparks Lake.
  • Relax after hiking and collect sips and stamps along the famous Bend Ale Trail.

4. Bella Vista, Arkansas

Photo by Jeff Y. via Yelp

Located in stunning scenery on the Springfield Plateau of the Ozark Mountains, Bella Vista is a peaceful retreat. Here’s what to do on a staycation in this town:

  • Meditate at the incomparable Mildred B. Cooper Memorial Chapel surrounded by the elegant design and natural beauty of Northern Arkansas.
  • Take a brunch excursion to neighboring Bentonville for brunch at The Hive. Their house eggs Benedict and Kentucky Daisey cocktail are the epitome of vacation eats!

5. Vista, California

Vista is the perfect place to center your staycation in San Diego. You have easy access to local favorites and iconic San Diego attractions. Vista boasts plenty of staycation ideas for families with kids and adults. So invite the entire family to join you:
We love to inspire your grandest getaways and help you make your favorite memories. Sometimes those memories come from slowing down. Save on travel expenses, and experience the beauty of your hometown like a tourist.

Header image via Shutterstock.com/stockfour

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