2020 Baby Boomer Travel Trends

As the new decade gets into full swing, it’s a natural time to take a look at what’s to come in the next couple of years, especially when thinking about the future of travel. From spending quality time on family trips (including the furry family members) to considering staying somewhere more unique, there are a lot of shifts happening over the upcoming years in travel. Even if you aren’t looking to hit the road for the next few months, these are trends to keep an eye on in 2020 and beyond.

2020 Travel Trend: Slowing Things Down

Whether concerned about carbon footprints or protecting themselves from potential illness this year, more people are taking the long way home when it comes to travel. Instead of hopping on a flight, one 2020 travel trend is all about taking it slow.

“Slow” travel is centered on taking time to enjoy destinations and the journey that gets you there. In the future, more people will be skipping over rushed vacation plans and instead taking the easy (and eco-friendly) road, including train travel and extended road trips. In fact, a recent survey found that two out of three travelers said they intend to take a road trip in the next 12 months.

These vacations are all about connecting with each destination by taking in the local flavors and favorite spots. Sometimes called immersion travel, it’s geared toward getting to know the area you’re exploring. Immersion travel is also a great choice for foodies—destinations can be based around popular local cuisines!


2020 Travel Trend: Multi-Generational Trips

When it comes to travel, roughly 59 percent of Boomers say they want to spend time with family and friends this year. And it makes perfect sense for a getaway—traveling with two to three generations of family creates an experience where everyone can relax together and make new memories. In fact, we polled 1,000 senior travelers 45 years and older and found that 64% of respondents said they want to travel with their kids in the next year.

A future family weekend getaway is the perfect time to bond as a group. One thing to consider when planning these trips in the upcoming year: It’s best to choose destinations with plenty of options for everyone to enjoy. When picking a locale, look for cities to explore, national parks, or other places with a variety of activities.

Need more ideas for multi-generational destinations? Check out these options the whole family will enjoy.


2020 Travel Trend: Nostalgia Travel

Nostalgia travel embraces choosing experiences over things and is driven by reliving old memories and discovering new ones. Get into this vacation trend by revisiting some of your favorite places, whether it’s your old college town, hometown, or where you took your honeymoon. Prefer to stay closer to home? Book a room at your favorite local hotel or bed and breakfast and take some time to experience your own city with a relaxing staycation.

No matter the town, make sure to revisit places you’ve been in the past as well as adding new spots for variety. Get creative!


2020 Travel Trend: Pet-Friendly Vacations

When it comes to travel trends in 2020, road tripping with a furry companion is becoming more and more important to pet owners. So much so that recent surveys reveal that about 37 percent of pet owners travel with their pets every year, which is up from 19 percent a decade ago.

And vacationers aren’t taking Fido just anywhere. Travelers are seeking more upscale pet amenities and travel options with every passing year. They say dogs are a man’s best friend, and this vacation trend proves it.


2020 Travel Trend: Unique Accommodations

Hotel and motel deals are always a top choice for vacation accommodations because they’re easy to find, comfortable, and often close to everything you want to do. But in 2020 and beyond, travelers are looking to branch out in new and different ways. From castles to chalets, you can find unusual digs to stay in all over the world.

Prefer to keep your vacation moving? You aren’t alone—RV travel is also on the rise. With RV park rentals across the country, taking your future trips on the road has never been easier.

If charming vacation accommodations are more your speed, you’re in good company. In a survey of our newsletter readers, nearly 30% of respondents said they’d like to stay in a B&B as a hotel alternative, and these cottage rentals or bed and breakfast deals are sure to fit the bill. Those looking to live a little more on the rustic side can find plenty of cabin rentals to choose from. No matter your tastes, there’s an alternative accommodation sure to pique your interest the next time you’re thinking about vacation options.

There’s no doubt that travel and its trends will look different for most people in the future. From holistays to road trips with family, emerging 2020 vacation habits will be all about making memories and enjoying your time, whether you’re thousands of miles away from home or right down the street.

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