Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Travel Questions

When it comes to planning your next trip, we know you have questions. Where should you go? How can you find deals? What’s best for you?

A lot of questions pop up during the planning process, and that’s why we’ve decided to answer some of your most frequently asked travel questions. We’ve dug up the questions you ask most, and we’ve done the research to ensure you’re ready to take on your next big trip. Let’s go!

What are the cheapest ways to travel when you’re retired?

Retired travelers have lots of affordable options, including great discounts and offers. AARP members have access to highly discounted airfare and hotel package deals through the AARP Travel Center Powered by Expedia®. These promotional offers are perfect for flexible travelers, who are looking for some inspiration.

Craving the open road? AARP members earn 25 percent off select car rentals. Prefer cityscapes? Special senior fares on public transit make sightseeing a breeze in America’s busiest cities, like Washington, D.C. and New York. However, the easiest and most affordable way to travel at any stage in life is the good ol’ staycation. Explore nearby cities and natural wonders and enjoy your own hometown’s hospitability.

What are the best vacations for seniors?

In the 2018 Travel Trends study, AARP researchers found that among Baby Boomers, the top three reasons to travel are spending time with family and friends (57 percent), relaxing and rejuvenating (49 percent), and getting away from everyday life (47 percent). Whatever your reasons for traveling, put these popular destinations on your next itinerary:

Top U.S. destinations: California is home to destinations the whole family will love, such as the sequoia forests of Northern California, and SoCal’s sunny coastline and entertainment hubs like Orange County and San Diego. Charleston, South Carolina, is popular among Boomers, too. In particular, it’s is a good East Coast hot spot for multigenerational groups. With beaches, dining options, and a walkable historical downtown district, you can’t go wrong. 

Top international destinations: According to the 2018 Travel Trends, the majority of retired travelers have their hearts set on the Caribbean and Latin America. In the Caribbean, the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is beloved among Boomers. It has gorgeous coastal vistas and generations of historical landmarks. In Mexico, Baja California Sur is lined with coastline from the Pacific to the Gulf of California. Getting around the beach towns is easy, and the weather is dry and warm.

Why is vacation good for your health?

Several recent studies have suggested that taking a relaxing and enriching vacation is good for your physical and mental health. In fact, the Farmington Heart Study found that taking a yearly vacation reduces the risk of heart disease by 30 percent. A Swedish study published in 2013 found that taking relaxing vacations doesn’t just boost happiness in the moment. It is actually a successful tool for managing depression and anxiety and can effectively complement therapy and medications for people with these mental health conditions. So, do your mind and body a favor and take a vacation!

Where are the best places to go on road trips?

The U.S. is host to some amazing scenic, historical, and culturally significant road trips. These paths circle and crisscross the country, so you’re never too far from an adventurous stretch of asphalt. The following are some of the most iconic and well-mapped road trip routes:

  • Pacific Coast Highway: Watch the waves along California’s waterfront Highway 1.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway: Roll through the Blue Ridge Mountains on this drive between Virginia and North Carolina.
  • Overseas Highway: Follow this 113-mile section of U.S. Route 1 through the beautiful Florida Keys.
  • Highway 163: Explore Monument Valley and stop to appreciate the Native cultures of Utah and Arizona.
  • Route 6, Massachusetts: U.S. Route 6 is the longest continuous highway in the country, spanning coast to coast. Notably, this roadway starts in Provincetown, Massachusetts and follows the curve of Cape Cod.
  • Want more ideas? Check out these classic American road trips!
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