8 Cannabis-Friendly Destinations for Older Travelers

Illinois is the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana as more and more states begin to follow suit. Weed and CBD products are becoming commonplace across North America, as more people are turning to the plant for medicinal and relaxation purposes. In fact, recently released surveys show that marijuana use among seniors has almost doubled in the past three years. And as of January 2020, 14 U.S. states and territories, and all of Canada are 420-friendly destinations.

Before we dive into the best cannabis-friendly destinations for seniors like you, let’s get the obvious out of the way. What does 420 friendly mean? “420” refers to 4/20 or April 20, which is considered a day of celebration and smoking marijuana. While the actual term dates back to the 1970s in weed culture, today it describes general advocation of marijuana.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or you’re looking to dabble for the first time, we’ve provided some of the most weed-friendly cities in North America where you can legally experiment for yourself. In all of these destinations, it’s legal to smoke or consume marijuana, but be sure to research individual local laws to ensure you’re abiding by the rules.

1. Palm Springs, California

As of 2018, Palm Springs had a pot shop ratio of 2.11 licenses per 10,000 residents, making it one of the top cities in California in terms of weed retailers. This desert resort city has its fair share of marijuana-focused establishments, from dispensaries to weed tourism tours. 

  • Indulge at Spa La Quinta, where you can pamper yourself with the VYBES Calm & Balance CBD Massage. The treatment begins with a flight of flavored hemp water and the massage includes relaxing CBD oil.
  • Visit 420 Lounge. Here you can buy marijuana goods and enjoy them on-site. (You cannot bring in outside goodies). “Budtenders” are on hand to help with your purchase and then you are welcome to sit back and relax. Enjoy your time playing a board game, watching TV, or making some friends.
  • Rather learn about the cannabis scene without actually indulging in it? Join a Cannabis Wellness Tour, which services the Palm Springs area. The tour visits a grow facility, weed manufacturer, and a dispensary, providing education about the plant and its uses.

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2. Denver, Colorado

Colorado has long been at the forefront of marijuana legalization. In 2000, the stoner state legalized medical marijuana, and in 2012, it approved recreational use, becoming one of the first states to do so. As of 2018, Denver was home to more 169 recreational weed shops. Yes, that’s more shops than Starbucks in town!

  • Venture to Denver’s first licensed pot lounge, The Coffee Joint. It is also the first Social Marijuana Consumption Club in the nation. Here, you can legally consume edibles, dab, and vape on-site, but you must bring in your own products. BYOC (bring your own cannabis), order a cup of tea, and get to know the locals.
  • Make your way to The Nickel at Hotel Teatro for its creative CBD-infused cocktails. Go for the Chill Lebowski, a white Russian with CBD oil, or try the Super Lemon Haze, a limoncello CBD concoction.
  • Take a Loopr Tour. This company allows you to consume cannabis onboard their bus, as they take you on one of their many tours around Denver. Some tours dispensary hop, while others make stops at pizza parlors, ice cream shops, taco joints, and even grow houses.

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3. Portland, Oregon

Portland is known the world over as an eco-friendly city, and now it is earning a reputation for a different kind of green. In 2018, Portland had 164 recreational weed dispensaries compared to only 90 liquor stores. From dab lounges to weed tours, this city has got it going on. 

  • Coffee lovers can enjoy a stop at Grön CBD Café and Tasting Room, where you can sample a wide variety of hemp-infused CBD products from skincare to gummies and chocolates, all while enjoying a handcrafted espresso drink with or without a CBD infusion.
  • Stay at The Jupiter Hotel, the first accommodation in Oregon to offer a cannabis-friendly package. The package includes a “munchie kit,” and an “Everything But The Weed Kit,” which includes a vape pen, rolling paper, dispensary coupons, and more. Keep in mind, no marijuana products are included, and you are not permitted to smoke in your hotel room.
  • Spend an evening at NW Cannabis Club, which features a dab bar and outdoor deck. Another BYOC establishment, it does not sell weed, but you can purchase snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. The cannabis social club has a packed event calendar with performances, trivia, and more, so you’re sure to find plenty to keep busy.

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4. Toronto, Ontario

Our neighbors to the north are ahead of us in that they legalized medical and recreational marijuana across the entire nation in 2018. Due to this recent legislation, Toronto has quickly become one of the best vacation spots for smokers of the green stuff. 

  • Experience Canada’s first “high-end cannabis culture lounge,” ByMinistry. The lounge serves healing herbs and plant-based food. It hopes to soon begin offering cooking classes that incorporate cannabis-infusion techniques. As Canadian legislation evolves, they hope to serve cannabis-infused food and beverages, too.
  • Practice your downward facing dog at The House of Yoga, a cannabis-friendly yoga and massage studio. While recent changes in Canadian laws do not allow you to smoke during your yoga session, you are more than welcome to toke before you settle into child’s pose and find your Zen. 

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5. San Francisco, California

San Francisco was a hub for hippie culture and has long been regarded as a place for some of the best weed in California. Whether you’re looking to relive the ’70s or experience what’s new on the scene, San Fran is the place to go for 420 vibes. 

  • Buy and enjoy on-site at Barbary Coast. This dispensary sells all kinds of green goods, from flowers and extracts to edibles and beverages. And the best part? You can legally consume them at the indoor lounge or dab bar.
  • Spend a lazy day at Moe Greens, where you can purchase marijuana and consume it on-site. This dispensary features four areas to enjoy your purchase, including the Playground, an outside area for vaping; the Vault, an indoor space, where concentrated extracts are consumed; and The High Roller, a space inside for rolling and smoking.
  • Find your Zen at Earthbody, which offers cannabis-infused spa rituals. They offer ultra-relaxing massages that incorporate CBD oil. While you’ll leave feeling recharged and rejuvenated, the CBD oil won’t get you high.

6. Boston, Massachusetts

Move over, West Coast. The East Coast has its share of weed-friendly destinations, too. When it comes to stoner road trip ideas, zip over to Boston. In 2018, Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana and Boston is becoming a prime spot to explore the bud. 

  • Get to know the green scene when you join a Boston Cannabis Tour. You can pick the private or group tour option and then venture to local dispensaries and cultivation facilities. You’re welcome to bring your own marijuana and your tour guide will let you know where and when you can legally use it.
  • Search for local 420-friendly activities in the areas such as Puff, Pass, and Paint, a painting class that services local paint studios. At these classes, you’re encouraged to take a toke and channel your inner Picasso.
  • Hop in the car and venture 35 miles northwest to nearby Tyngsboro, where you can stay at Stonehedge Hotel & Spa, the state’s first 420 hotel. The accommodation offers a special 420 Experience package, but you’ll have to supply your own bud.

7. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is joining the ranks of Toronto with its green-friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for smoke lounges or places to purchase the flower for the first time, this Canadian region promises one of the best 420 vacations.

  • Have a smoke at New Amsterdam Café. Touted as the North America’s Premiere Smoke-Friendly Café, it’s a funky little coffee shop with a smoking and vape room. Feel the munchies coming on? Order from their menu, which includes everything from samosas and pies to sundaes and sandwiches.
  • Get to know the history behind Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture Headquarters. Back when it was called HEMP BC, it was the first shop in Canada to sell marijuana seeds and bongs. Today, it’s your one-stop-shop for all things cannabis.
  • Vape with the locals at Cannabis Culture Lounge and pop next door for some goods at the Cannabis Culture Store. These establishments are associated with Marc Emery’s headquarters. 

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8. Mt Morris, Michigan

Michigan was the first midwestern state to make recreational marijuana legal as of December 2019. Though it’s still in its early days, you’ll begin seeing more 420-friendly establishments pop up around the state. 

  • Get your hands on some greens at Fire Station Wellness Center. With a special focus on medicinal purposes, the center sells marijuana-infused products and edibles.
  • Another option for getting some midwestern cannabis is Elite Wellness, which reportedly has some of the largest inventory in the state. This dispensary is brand new to the recreational scene and started selling to the Michigan public at the end of February 2020.

Traveling provides an opportunity to expand your horizons, learn about new things, and meet people with different views. Whether you’re a 420 advocate or just curious about the herb, start your green adventures in these top destinations.

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