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Brainstorming vacation ideas with your extended family? A cruise may be the solution to please everyone. Here are four reasons why you should consider taking a multigenerational cruise. Your next family vacation may be your best yet!

1. Planning is easy

Planning and coordinating can be a huge hassle. Imagine planning a 2-week trip with you and your spouse, your kids, and your parents. You’ll have to consider many hotels, flights, tickets to museums or shows, and researching tours. On a cruise, it’s all done for you. There’s no unpacking between ports. No car rental required, and shore excursion options are plentiful and easy to book.

2. It’s cost-effective

The value of a cruise and the experience it affords its guests is unparalleled. Take advantage of a plethora of free onboard activities such as Norwegian’s Aqua Park or Princess’s Movie Under the Stars. If you’re in the mood for a Broadway show, check out Grease, or Mamma Mia onboard Royal Caribbean. And don’t forget the food! There is always something for everyone, including the pickiest eaters in your family.

3. See more of the world with less hassle

Take a 10-day European cruise, and you might visit 7 or 8 ports. Visiting that same number of cities on a land-based vacation would require flights, car rentals, and numerous hotels. With a cruise, you can visit different cities and historic sites while only having to unpack once. All you need to do is pick the sites you want to see and show up.

4. There’s something for everyone 

While there are many factors in selecting the right cruise line, there are a few that do an excellent job at accommodating all age groups.  Make sure you book early though, so your family can get first choice on connecting rooms.

Top 3 Multigenerational Cruise Lines

1. Disney Cruise Line

Cinderella visits children onboard Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship

©Disney; Ships’ Registry:The Bahamas;

Disney Cruise Line has something for all ages. Amazing access to characters, dedicated kids and adult areas, and magical dining experiences. Disney characters come to life before your eyes.

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2. Royal Caribbean International

Evening entertainment for the kids

Source: Royal Caribbean International

Enroll the kids in the Adventure Ocean program and take advantage of My Family Time Dining.  You’ll get first seating in the main dining room. After 45 minutes, Adventure Ocean staff pick up the kids. They escort them to their evening activities!

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3. Norwegian Cruise Line

Person enjoying Norwegian Epic's Plunge waterslide

Source: Norwegian Cruise Line, The Plunge Waterside onboard Norwegian Epic

Take the hassle out of coordinating with everyone during your trip. Consider sharing a suite or being room neighbors. Norwegian’s spacious family accommodations offer interconnecting cabins or 2-bedroom family suites. These are perfect for a multigenerational cruise.

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Family vacations are supposed to be fun and create memories that will last a lifetime. Booking a family cruise removes the logistic hassle and caters to the diverse needs of your family.  So, the next time your starting to talk about planning a multigenerational family trip, consider booking a cruise.

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